Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kulo Fingers Seniors' Donut Holes

...as the problem with the new Medicare prescription drug plan, that is:
Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski will bring "donut hole" pastries to low-income seniors tomorrow to highlight programs he has established to give them access to affordable prescription drugs when they face gaps in coverage under the new Medicare prescription drug program.

This is the week when the typical Medicare recipient who has enrolled in the new Part D program will exhaust the program's initial benefit and will have to start paying 100% of the cost for prescription drugs. Having reached the initial maximum benefit of $2,250, these Part D enrollees will re-qualify for benefits after spending another $2,850 from their own pockets. This gap in coverage has become known as "donut hole" to Medicare recipients.
Whoever thought that one up gets a gold star. Not only does it highlight the ridiculous notion of the coverage gap--one that you can bet many seniors have no idea is about to hit them--but the symbology of Ted bringing donuts to fill the hole is the perfect metaphor for his plan to help cover the gap using the Oregon Prescription Drug Plan.

If you're feeling peckish (and perhaps jonesing for your next hit of prescription dope), head on over to Elm Court Loaves & Fishes, 1111 SW 10th Ave., Portland, noon tomorrow. Maybe the governor can next stop by the Oregon National Guard and Reserves posts next, and help them out with THEIR "coverage gap." {embedded video file}