Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Douchebag of Dirt costing GOP more than just big bucks

I've made mention before about the copious amounts of dough GOP political consultant/guru Chuck Adams is taking in at the expense of so many Republican campaigns.

Local races for candidates such as Joan Draper, Bruce McCain, ,Karen Minnis, Domonic Biggi and Linda Flores are shelling out major bucks to Adams and Company for ads that are being outed as lies.

But these candidates are also coughing up dough for political strategy advice from Chuck Adams as well. And after meeting with some House Dem strategists last week, I'm starting to wonder what the hell these Republican candidates are actually paying for that yields a win for their caucus.

As I understand it, Adams has got the GOP pushing major dollars into races for his clients who have virtually no shot at winning, leaving other much closer races with less cash resources.

There's been a major money dump recently into the campaigns for the opponents of Suzanne Bonamici (Draper) and Tobias Read (Biggi). While this may help make those races less of a romp for the Dems--they're way out of reach for the GOP this cycle. The mood and makeup of those districts is much too anti-Republican this cycle.

That means candidates such as Democrat Jean Cowan will have a much easier time defeating GOP incumbent Alan Brown. Or Brian Clem and Larry Galizio are that much closer to winning their seat.

This funky distribution of funds at the apparent behest of Adams has House Dem strategists laughing in their offices. As long as the GOP continues to give Adams' far flung candidates large injections of cash while leaving more competitive races to strain for money, the Dems have that much more of a shot at turning the Oregon House blue.