Sunday, September 17, 2006

Spanning the State--"Go Ducks!" Edition

I don't have a "dog" in the OSU/Oregon hunt, but yesterday's Oregon victory over #15 ranked Oklahoma is definitely something to cheer. Despite turning over the ball numerous times (guess what practices will be all about this week..?) the Ducks pulled out a 34-33 victory.

I didn't actually watch the game. I was busy out in Hood River driving the Fruit Loop. Fall is definitely in the air around the orchards and fruit stands. I even managed to take some decent photos along with foraging for some delicious Oregon produce.

Let's check out what else is going on as we Span the State!


Chalk up another erosion of civil liberties for rank and file Americans. The federal government is now obtaining warrants for the offices of defense attornies, procuring business and client records. One such attorney in Roseburg (corrected from Eugene--thanks to commentor) is undergoing such a search. This search is taking place even with the attorney not being charged with a crime.

The newspaper of record in Bend is endorsing Virginia Linder for Oregon Supreme Court over former GOP labor commissioner Jack Roberts.

Princeton University is actively recruiting Oregon high school seniors for the first time in many years.

Tempers are running high on the Oregon Coast as as payouts for salmon aid funds nears round two of payouts. Arguments over distribution and disparity are causing serious discontent among local fishermen.

Another inane recall petition bites the dust. This time in Madras. These frivilous and expensive wastes of taxpayer dollars are irresponsible. Oregonians should be pissed off every single time one of these recall petitions are filed this way. They're an abuse of our system.

A loyal family pet in Dayton kept watch over the family's lost three year old. The child was found on Thursday afternoon after an intense 5 1/2 hour search of a wooded area. The family's yellow lab stood guard until searchers could locate the young boy.