Thursday, September 14, 2006

Think Locally; Contribute Orygunly--LO's ActBlue Page

Observant readers will notice that we've scrubbed the sidebar of individual online contribution buttons. We had one for Mike Caudle and recently Sal Peralta, and one for Carol Voisin that not only linked for contributions but also tracked them on a meter (h/t Dan K at On the Road to 2008).

Of course we haven't withdrawn our support--we've just relocated and expanded it. If you look at the top of the sidebar, there is now a link labeled "Loaded Endorsees--Click to List", along with a box to enter a single contribution amount, and an ActBlue icon that lets you choose who to give your money to. If you donate a single amount, it will be spread equally among all our endorsees. Either way, by using our donation page the candidate will know that you gave to them via Loaded Orygun, and that will make them--and us--very happy. And who are the endorsees, currently?
  • Mike Caudle (OR-HD-39)
  • Salvador Peralta (OR-HD-24)
  • Rob Brading (OR-HD-49)
  • Arnie Roblan (OR-HD-09)
  • Jean Cowan (OR-HD-10)
  • Brian Clem (OR-HD-21)
  • Tobias Read (OR-HD-27)
  • David Edwards (OR-HD-30)
  • Tina Kotek (OR-HD-44)
  • Carol Voisin (OR-02)
We're likely to add more--you'll notice that we haven't included any OR Senate candidates yet--but this is the first group, which we chose based on the quality of the candidate and the importance of the race. If your favorite is not on the list, don't be mad; it's not a rebuke by any means. You're welcome to tell us why they should be on the list, of course. Use the comments for this thread, and we'll take them under advisement.

I don't think we need to tell you how important winning the money game is in politics, sad as that truth may be. Don't feel like it's not even worth giving because you only have (say) $5 available for just one candidate. Do it! We're generally talking about races where money is tight and low budget, and just a little more can make a difference. Democrats are so close to achieving a major shift in the direction of both the US and Oregon, and now is the time to make it happen.