Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Minnis and the Douchebag of Dirt at it again


In a letter sent Friday, Democrat Rob Brading challenged House Speaker Karen Minnis, R-Wood Village, to "publicly condemn" a flier saying he's responsible for children viewing pornography in at the county library.

Minnis shot back Tuesday with a certified response - as well as a companion letter from her attorney, John DiLorenzo. The bottom line? The speaker said she does not believe Brading had a "pro-pornography intent" when, as part of the 15-member Multnomah County Library Advisory Board, he recommended challenging a federal law requiring filters on all computers.

But Minnis slapped him for being so in favor of speech that he "may not fully understand the psychological and emotional impact" such exposure can have on a child. She also wondered why a fan of free speech would sue the woman whose young daughter was exposed to pornography at the Gresham library two years ago. "Logic would suggest you defend the woman," Minnis wrote, "not sue her."

Apparently Minnis and her boy Chuck Adams (Double Dealing Douchebag of Dirt) got together in his Dr. Frankenstein style basement and cooked this up.

Minnis is so busy trying to win her race that she pays no attention to how she's wiping her backside with the United States Constitution. Not to mention the fact that she completely dismisses the lack personal responsibility of the parent who put their child in a position of viewing the pornography in question because they didn't follow proper library procedures.

Logic would suggest that the Constitution and personal responsibility trump the need to defend a woman and an organization that smear people to assuage their improper conduct. Instead, Minnis and Adams use her and the "Friends for Safer Libraries" front group that he created to generate a political smear campaign.

Update: 8:50AM

Nigel Jaquiss at Willy Week has a good piece this morning on how Adams is using equally brutal tactics to go after Democrat Jeff Merkley. LO covered this in part on Saturday. One area where I think Jaquiss could have dug deeper (yeah-this is me telling a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist how to do his job--how ballsy am I?) is the anti Merkley website that Adams set up. Jaquiss allows Bruce McCain (Merkley's opponent) to claim that he has nothing to do with the smear material churned out by Adams. Except that McCain's name appears as the registrant of the anti-Merkley website.

Color me jaded, but it seems to me if you're the website registrant, you in fact do have something to do with the material on the site.

Update 10:45:Sheesh. Apparently I need to do a better job of reading for content. Jaquiss does in fact mention in his piece that McCain is the registrant for the anti-Merkley website. Sorry about that Nigel. You may feel free to beat me with your Pulitzer now.