Saturday, September 09, 2006

Don't cry for me Mercury Blogtown....

....although it is kind of fun to have my name in a write-up by someone as cool as Scott Moore:

And if anybody’s wondering how “Randal” stumbled across Blogtown, this post, where Jack Bog himself linked to my original blog entry, may explain it. Pay special attention to the comments section, where Carla from Loaded Orygun dares to disagree with Bog’s minions. What does Jack do about it? What any other tea cup despot would do: He bans her.

How big of you, Jack. That’s the kind of chutzpah that will convince an esteemed newspaper like the Portland Tribune to treat you like an actual political pundit, and not just some crackpot crank with an internet connection.

Thanks for the notice, Scott. But I figure Jack is just suffering from penis envy. He's more to be pitied than censured.