Friday, September 08, 2006

Oregon House Dems: we've got your Roadmap right here!

For all you handwringers out there that like to harp the old canard that "..the Democrats don't stand for anything..", its time to stop channeling Rovespeak. You can read the plan for yourself:

This plan entitled "The Roadmap for Oregon's Future" is a list of a dozen specific policies that the Oregon House Democrats promise to enact as the leaders of the 2007 Oregon House. These twelve common sense proposals are not ideological or partisan. In fact, we are confident that at least two thirds of legislators from both sides of the aisle will support the proposals outlined in "The Roadmap" on the House floor. These are proposals that an overwhelming majority of Oregonians - from rural, urban and suburban communities - want to see the legislature enact. These proposals deal with the problems and issues that Oregonians see in their communities and read about in newspapers everyday:

* Accountable use of our tax dollars.
* High quality public schools.
* Creating and protecting good paying jobs.
* Affordable health care and prescription drugs.
* Safe communities and protecting our kids.
* Smart economic growth.

If you're like me, you consider this kind of stuff to be a no-brainer. Of course this is what the Oregon legislature should be doing. No shit, right?

Except that Karen Minnis and Wayne Scott killed each and every one of these proposals last session.

And now there's griping by that same quarter about raising taxes to cover the costs of this stuff. This is the kind of stuff the government SHOULD BE DOING. Accountability, great public schools, job growth, health care regulation and access, police/fire and solid economic growth. These are the values of Oregonians. Its what we want. And if Minnis and Scott don't have the guts to secure a budget for Oregon that gets this done, they have no business being in the legislature.

You're either on board with good government or you're not. Right now its apparent that the Minnis-Scott team is anything but.