Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Boyles Watch: b!X on the case

I've long since abandoned trying to follow the Emile Boyles saga via traditional media. I now rely on the only place for accurate and timely information on the grande Ms. Oy...Furious nads!

The latest:

It seems, according to OPB News, that the City knows where Emilie Oy is (although they won't say anything other than she isn't in the Pacific Northwest) and she's been served with court papers. No word on whether she intends to continue her watchdog organization while out of town.

Its like ticker tape, only pixel-y.

b!X has a full archive of Oy goodness at his blog. Of course I can't find a search box on the maybe he'll stop by when he's got nothing better to do and offer up some juicy Oy links.