Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Spanning the State--two days late and a dollar short edition

We go away for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose. Cool! Any opportunity to go toe-to-toe with people is my idea of good blogging.

I'm Spanning the State two days late this week. The end of summer is traditionally a busy time here at Casa Carla. No exception could be made this year..thus we were a bit quiet on the weekend. But we're back now...and its time to get things rolling again. So let's Span the State!


The City of Bend is looking to expand its urban growth boundary. And some residents are worried that they'll be caught in the UGB net. But many are happy about the notion, because of increased property values that are bound to follow. Stay tuned.

Folks in Newport are getting crabby about new regulations on crab pots. And now the courts may be getting involved.

Is TABOR really polling at 62% or is this just some demonic wishful thinking on the part of Matt Evans?

Former Portland State University receiver Shaun Bodiford is a newly minted Detroit Lion. The Lions aren't exactly a big time contender, but hey..it's the NFL, baby. Play your heart out Shaun.

The Gresham Outlook is still taking a beating from letter writers to the editor on its inability to actually call Minnis on her crap. Good.

The Grant County Sherrif's Department gets to smoke pot!

A serious pissing match is begging to brew between the editorial board of the LaGrande Observer and EOU President Khosrow Fatemi. Personally, I'm rooting for Fatemi. The Observer editorial staff have already proven themselves to be idiots of epic proportions as far as I'm concerned.

Another insanely stupid recall effort hits a snag. Kudos to the Madras Pioneer News for calling out the nefarious nabobs who are abusing the system.