Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blumenauer's plan to beautify the Oregon legislature gets underway

Congratulations to the recipients of the Earl Blumenauer fund to beautify the Oregon legislature (via Blue Oregon):

Even though we had originally planned on giving four winners $1,000 apiece, I've decided to go a step further and announce an extra winner. The tremendous outpouring of support, and the extremely close voting, made this an easy decision!

Cool! Five instead of four. The more the merrier.

They are:

Rob Brading (Fairview-HD49)

Brian Clem (Salem-HD21)

Jean Cowan (Newport-HD10)

Chris Edwards (Eugene-HD14)

Larry Galizio (Tigard-HD35)

There's still lots of time left to creak open your wallet and pass along some dough to a whole list of superb candidates.

PS--TJ, interrupting to mention that each winner's name now links to his or her ActBlue page, where you can make like Blumenauer and shower your financial love on Oregon's best. If you think you might, do it today--so that it shows up on their next financial report...