Monday, August 28, 2006

Fitting the Minnis Mafia with cement shoes

On Friday, Multnomah County Judge Dale Koch failed to enact a restraining order against against the dubiously named "Friends for Safer Libraries" (a more apt name would be Karen Minnis'/Chuck Adams' Duck Blind for Throwing Shit Against The Wall To See If It Sticks).

But Judge Koch didn't leave it at that. He ordered FSL to turn over emails and other documents.

Frankly, I think this is a better outcome in the end.

We now have a discovery phase in which the connections from Chuck Adams, Tim Nashtif and the Minnis Campaign and the front group FSL can be investigated.

I'm hopeful that this will establish a precedent that campaigns can't use front groups to flout Oregon campaign laws. And it potentially gives the Brading Campaign a huge trough of Minnis Mafia goings on from which to demonstrate the unethical behavior of the Republican House Speaker.

On a related matter, the FSL people are trying a weak pushback on the issue. At their website is a woeful tale of a child who accidentally viewed pornography at the Multnomah County Library. Why this child wasn't using one of the rooms with the many filtered computers specifically designated for children is unclear. But is seems they'd prefer rest of us have to pay for the stupidity of a parent who can't follow basic library netiquette.

Its incumbent upon the parent, not the government, to monitor what children read and see. I recognize the the current crop of SCOTUS disagrees--to their discredit, IMO. This isn't really about protecting kids. If it were, there'd be avenues of discussion on how parents can do that by taking charge of their own children. Instead its about handing the government more power to regulate the lives of every day citizens..because some people aren't responsible enough to regulate their own.