Monday, August 28, 2006

Some days it doesn't pay to read the comments over at Blue Oregon

The Blue Oregon-ites have a piece highlighting a letter to the editor from a SW Portland resident who has had it with the "Gordon Smith is a moderate" bullshit.

When I surfed down to read the comments to the post, this particular David Lister one caught my eye:

My question would be: How does Gordon Smith's record of voting along Republican lines compare to Wyden's record of voting along democratic lines. Is it significantly different?

Jeezus. This makes me want to reach through my computer and throttle the crap out of Lister. No wonder the guy lost his city council race.

This isn't about voting down party lines. Its about couching Smith as a dyed-in-the-wool moderate when he quite obviously is nothing of the sort.

The Oregonian isn't working overtime to portray Wyden has a moderate. If his voting record runs down the Dem party line (which it likely does quite often), that would be in line with how he's painted in the state.

It can't possibly be that difficult to discern this point.