Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Update: Troutdale City Councilor still an idiot

Apparently not having what it takes to come to LO and comment directly, Troutdale City Councilor Robert Canfield responds to us in comments to his own blog. What a dope:

I am SO ashamed of offending the lefties at Loaded Orygun! You people crack me up.

I doubt we cracked you up that much, Bob. Otherwise the tone of your response wouldn't be so defensive and you'd have addressed the very real issues I brought up.

Brading's background, as illustrious as it may be, has nothing to do with the topic at hand. And I'm not sure what his wife has to do with this topic- she isn't, as far as I know, on the library's advisory board.

The Minnis Mafia (that you're essentially defending) is accusing Brading of wanting little kids to view porn. You really think Brading's background isn't a factor in whether or not this is a legit accusation? I know I accused you of being stupid..but I honestly didn't think it went this deep, man.

But at least you're a consistent supporter of the government taking over the role as parent for our kids, if only rhetorically:

Why did Brading vote to recommend cutting off federal funds in order to bypass the requirements of CIPA?

Does Brading agree or disagree with the Supreme Court's decision?

Does Brading agree with CIPA? Does he believe as the U.S. Supreme Court does, that minors should be protected from harmful internet content?

If Brading does, then why did he vote to recommend the bypass of the CIPA requirements?

Why wouldn't Brading support the library spending local dollars and allowing parents to take responsibility for their own children? Those are the kinds of ideals that Americans stand for. Why do you hate our freedoms, Bob? Why are you against the very fabric this nation was built upon? (Anyone hear the fife and drum corps playing The Battle Hymn of the Republic?)

Hey Troutdale--are you watching this? This is what you elected to help run your city!