Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Minnis' boy Adams: Douchebag of dirty politics

For the last week to ten days, the Minnis campaign has sworn up and down that it had nothing to do with the nasty mailings sent to District 49 residents claiming that Rob Brading wants little kids to view porn at the Multnomah County Library.

Except that this isn’t the first time that Minnis’ close associate Chuck Adams has helped to set up a front group to smear an opponent.

In 2000, Chuck Adams worked on the Salem mayoral campaign of Glenn Wheeler. Wheeler was running against incumbent Mike Swaim.

According to a Willy Week “Rogue” piece from May of 2000, Adams set up an “independent” group paid for by an outsider. That group produced a nasty hit piece against Swaim.

Sound familiar?

The same WW piece also offers up Adams’ history of sleazy campaign political work:

This is hardly the first time Adams has been accused of sleazy tactics. In 1994, he was charged with instructing a campaign worker to lie on an initiative petition--a felony. The charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and he got two years' probation. Two years later, he designed a brochure for (Rep. Juley) Gianella with a photograph of an armed black teenager with the caption, "Welcome to the neighborhood."

Minnis has been working with Adams for years. She has to know what he’s about. She claims to know nothing about the hit piece against Brading yet its clear she’s hired Adams to be her Douchebag of Dirt. After all, its what Adams does.

Minnis is either lying or she’s a complete idiot. Neither are qualities that Oregonians are looking for in their legislative leaders.