Saturday, September 09, 2006

Douchebag of Dirt Chuck Adams raking in big GOP bucks

It seems Minnis boy Chuck Adams is actually not just Minnis' boy. There's a whole slew of House Republicans using the Douchebag of Dirt to smear opponents. And Adams doesn't come cheap, either.

Take Joan Draper, for example. Draper paid Adams and Company $5500 in just one reporting period. The period before that she paid them $5900. $11K plus from just one little State Rep campaign? Apparently there's some good money to be made by being a Douchebag of Dirt, eh Chuck? So far it seems Draper's opponent, Democrat Suzanne Bonamici has dodged the Adams slime fest. But there are still about 60 days left. I can't imagine that Draper isn't expecting more bang for her $11K.

Republican candidate Bruce McCain is running in the 47th District against the exceptionally good Democrat Jeff Merkley. McCain's got an uphill struggle. But that's what he pays Chuck Adams for. McCain has paid Adams well over $10k so far...and Draper should be pissed. McCain at least got a lousy anti-Merkley website. Of course McCain doesn't have the balls to put his name directly on the site. One has to do a whois search on the domain name to see what's what:

Bruce McCain
PO Box 17727
Salem, OR 97305


Administrative Contact:
Adams, Chuck ***
PO Box 17727
Salem, OR 97305
1 503-763-0400

I didn't bother to read all the trumped up bullshit on Merkley after my initial peek. Once they started
blaming Merkley
for voting for House Bill HB2152, it became pretty obvious to me that the whole website is a joke. HB2152 was sponsored by Republicans in a Republican held Oregon House and Senate.

Hell, Karen Minnis herself sent out a press release about the Goobernor signing the thing, hardly seeming terribly bent at its passage.

They're faux pissed at Merkley for voting for their bill. Dumbasses.

This is what poor Bruce McCain paid Chuck Adams a big pile of money for, by the way. Pathetic and nasty...Chuck Adams style.

We should be expecting ugly smears from other Adams clients as well. House Majority Leader Wayne Scott paid well over $20K to Adams in ONE REPORTING PERIOD. The amount of money Adams is raking in to shove dirt down the throats of Oregonians is breathtaking.