Sunday, September 10, 2006

Spanning the State--Tomato Bumper Crop Edition

Its been a busy weekend so far here at Casa Carla. My tomatoes are ripening all at once and I've been looking for creative ways to use them up before they go bad. Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon/evening making salsa and canning it. Later in the week I'm going to roast them in my oven with some garlic and fresh basil to create a base for sauces and stews this winter. I canned 6 pints of tomatoes last week as well.

If you've any other suggestions for preserving this staple of late summer leave them in comments, please. I've still got oodles of them on the vines. Suggestions for green tomatoes are welcome as well.

And with my fruit obsession out of the way, let's Span the State!


If you're looking for a hot local race to sink your teeth into, look no further than House District 24 in the McMinnville area. Democrat Sal Peralta's race was just declared by The Ridenbaugh Press as an important bellweather to watch. If Peralta can topple the entrenched GOPer Donna Nelson, the House likely goes to the good guys. R-Press has a whole list of races he's feeling out--worth the read.

Oregon is a state rife with do-gooders and bleeding heart liberals. That's one of the reasons this is such an amazing, wonderful state and why I never want to live anywhere else. One way we do-gooding heart-bleeders can make a profound difference is by raising money for those outside our community that are truly in need. Run For Congo Women is one way to do that. These women of the Congo have suffered constantly as a result the Rwandan genocide in 1994 where hundreds of thousands were slaughtered and raped. The Run For Congo Women takes place on September 16 on Wildwood Trail at Forest Park in Portland. More info is available at their website.

Oregon State University was recently named one of the top 100 LGBT-friendly campuses by The Advocate College Guide for LGBT students.

Dalles resident Jerry Iken lost his beloved brother on 9/11. Until recently, Iken has kept silent about the government response to the outrage against our nation. no more. Mr. Iken sees the parallels between Iraq and Vietnam--and expresses disgust that the Bush Administration would use his brother's death to justify the war. The Ikens are also part of a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against the Saudi government.

If you're looking for a fun, low-key event that's family friendly to fill your Sunday, head over to the Sublimity Harvest Festival. The event runs from 10am-7pm. It costs about $3 a person for admission and $3 per car to park. And you'll get to spend a gorgeous Oregon day basking in a great small town festival.

A retired clergyman from Bend says he's gained a greater respect for agnostics and athiests because of the Iraq invasion.

This story freaks me out. A cleaning woman in Joseph walked in on an attempted burglary. She uncovered the plot when she reached into a closet touched the hair of one of the suspects! ACK!

Washington County residents will be voting on a levy this fall to renew basic public safety services. The Hillsboro Argus recommends a "yes" vote for two good reasons: its a renewal of services the county has enjoyed since 2000. And its actually cheaper than than what residents previously paid: $81 a year per year for a home valued at $192k.