Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Guv's campaign uses my idea!

When Saxton started airing the "ticking clock ad", Blue Oregon was all abuzz about how awful it was.

I thought it sucked too. And said so in comments:

Posted by: carla | Aug 25, 2006 2:16:16 PM

Jaysus what a stupid ad. Who thought of this?

This ad is a massive opening for the K campaign. If I were them, I'd copy the ad verbatim..and during the ticking clock portion I'd put up that laundry list of accomplishments.

Then ask where Ron Saxton has been for the last four years.

What a horrible, horrible commercial.

Did someone from the Guv's campaign read my comment at BO and decide to base their new ad on my idea?

Sure looks like it to me.

So to the Guv's campaign: I'll give ya that one as a freebie! But this means I get to interview Ted, right?