Friday, October 27, 2006

Phil Knight tries to hide behind Wayne Scott's skirt

Nike founder and former CEO Phil Knight has a deep pocketbook. And apparently a fondness for Oregon House Republicans, as you'll see in a moment.

In February, the Promote Oregon Committee PAC was formed with GOP House Majority Wayne Scott as the controller. The PAC's treasurer is Jarret Hamstreet who happens to be the Majority 2006 Executive Director. Majority 2006's job is to help get Republicans elected to the Oregon House. Hamstreet is also on Scott's legislative staff.

The PAC is set up to "Support And Oppose Candidates For Oregon Legislature". Its controlled by GOP House Majority Leader Wayne Scott. The treasurer is Scott's personal lackey. Guess which party's candidates will be getting the money?


So how does Phil Knight fit into all of this?

Knight dropped $100,000 into Promote Oregon Committee coffers. Its far and away this PACs largest donation.

If I were a betting woman, I'd lay down next month's paycheck that Knight gave this money to the PAC in hopes of not being caught giving money to Republicans. I haven't noticed his name show up on C&E reports of any specific candidate (although there are a ton of them, I could have missed).

This PAC has received $170,000 in contributions over this election cycle. Their expenditures show that they've funded all sorts of canvassing, mailers and phoning for House Republicans (and a few Senate races too). This is what Phil Knight is helping to fund.

Perhaps some cagey and smart reporter will dial up Phil Knight and ask him why he didn't just give the money directly to the campaigns..and why he's trying to hide behind Wayne Scott's ample ass?