Thursday, October 26, 2006

Quick Hitters V: Nice Try Torrey, but Big Dog is No Fan

[There are all kinds of interesting things going on right now, as I suppose you would expect in the height of what veteran pols call "the silly season." So I'll make a departure from my typically verbose style and give you more links and facts, less solipsistic analysis in a series of quick-hitter posts. Here's another...]

Remember that comment I made in Quick Hitter I, about Billy Dalto's attempt in HD 21 to make himself out to be a favorite of Republicans and Democrats alike, and about Robin Brown's similarly distorted try in HD 16 for evidence of crossover appeal? Add Jim Torrey (7th Senate) to the list of desperate GOPers trying to suggest appeal beyond the ever-shrinking Bush base:
Today, former President Bill Clinton set the record straight on who he believes will best represent the citizens of Eugene in the State Senate, and it’s not Bush Republican Jim Torrey. Torrey is hoping to trick Eugene voters by running an ad featuring him shaking hands with former President Bill Clinton, but the record shows a career Republican who supported George Bush’s re-election at the maximum level the law allows. President Clinton’s office responded to Torrey’s misleading ad with the following statement:

"President Clinton is strongly supporting Senator Vicki Walker in her re-election campaign. Senator Walker has fought for good paying jobs for the people of Oregon, more affordable health care for families, and a quality education for every child in Oregon. She has been a great public servant in the Legislature for the past 7 years and will continue to promote these strong values when re-elected."

Torrey is so desperate to distance himself from his own party that he’s willing to do anything, even pretend in his latest television ad to be a Clinton backer. Unfortunately for Torrey, his record speaks for itself.
That's a release from the Democratic Party of Oregon, which has suddenly come alive with a vengeance in the last two weeks of the election season. Did Torrey think Clinton was just too busy or aloof not to care about who's pretending they have his endorsement? Silly rabbit! You're asking for the stink eye, Jim...