Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wayne Scott gives his constituents a lesson on how to be a sleazy dirtbag

"Friends of Wayne Scott" sent out a mailer that hit mailboxes on October 24 and honestly..with friends like these, Scott needs no enemies.

(Yeah--I get that "Friends of Wayne Scott" is his campaign--so maybe he's his own worst enemy)

The mailer is frantic in its ridiculousness.

Ah yes. "The issue is experience". Wayne Scott has been a State Representative for a whole crapload of years. Scott has lots of experience kissing lobbyist ass and taking trips and cash from them. He has lots of experience subverting progressive legislation and ideas. Nobody knows how to screw the little guy better than Wayne Scott. We get it.

Mike Caudle hasn't been a State Representative.

Except Wayne's friends kinda forgot that when they printed the other side of the mailer:

The top 2 entries on this mailer as pictured here are legislative votes. Wayne Scott is actually claiming that Mike Caudle voted against two bills--that he was never in the House to vote on.

But let us not forget the candard also prominently displayed on the mailer:

"What Does Mike Caudle Stand For? Nothing"

Uh..Wayne..silly wabbit...Mike's got you there, too. Caudle has laid out some very specific goals for more Oregon State Troopers (you'll love that one, since you're all about defunding the Oregon State Patrol, right Wayne?). Caudle is also wants to work to ensure no sexual predators can be within 2 miles of a school. He also wants to require repeat child sexual offendors to wear ID bracelets in order to track them.

In fact, there's a whole list of very Mike's very specific stances right here at his website.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Republican House Majority Leader's campaign at work.

And to top it off, Scott brags about being against basic civil rights for gays and lesbians. As if being a bigoted dirtbag is just cause to vote for Wayne Scott.