Sunday, October 22, 2006

Spanning the State--Eastern Oregon for Ted Edition

I think I've caught a bit of a flu bug--so this week's Spanning The State will be abbreviated.

Both the Baker City Herald and the La Grande Observer endorsed Ted Kulongoski for Governor. These papers are in the heart of Saxton's base. Interesting how they can see through Saxton's BS, but the O cannot.

Speaking of the Oregonian, the paper version contains an informative if not whiny explanation of the paper's endorsement of Ron Saxton. I've searched for an online version of Caldwell's piece to no avail. If anyone has located it, please leave a link in comments and I'll add it as an update. Suffice it to say, Caldwell lays claim to being the ultimate decision maker when it comes to who gets the paper's endorsement. Its nice to have a face to go with the rank stupidity. Thanks, Bob.

The Daily Astorian endorsed Ted too, by the way.

Jim Torrey's state senate campaign's attempt to run one of the most shameful senate races in Oregon marches forward. Torrey's campaign manager Joan Obie is now making the claim that Vicki Walker could have faked her letters to Janyce Ittura. No word yet if Obie is claiming that the Capitol Legislative Information Systems employees are all plotting with Walker to show that Iturra never sent her claimed emails. Further, Obie's likely belief that all of the constituents who met with Walker (including those who had meetings with Walker on the bill that Iturra testified about) didn't actually meet with Walker but are under her magic brainwashing spell, has yet to be reported. And then there is Walker's speech on the Senate floor, directly referring to Iturra: probably just something made up for publication on YouTube, right Joan?

And...the jobless rate in Douglas County is at its lowest point in six years.