Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Steves lay it down on M46 and M47

I'm generally a big fan of Oregonian columnist Steve Duin. But when he's wrong, he's wrong.

Lots of us appreciate the great work Dan Meek has done for progressive causes and ideas. But that doesn't make him infallible. And in the case of Measure 47, Dan's created a rat's nest fraught with complexities and potential legal problems.

I believe that Meek has good intentions here. He's worked his butt off to put something on the ballot that he sincerely believes will go a long way to solve campaign finance problems in Oregon.

But there are some fundamental problems with Dan's proposal. The legal problems are laid out in the Money In Politics Research Action Project Report on Measures 46 & 47.

There's another Steve who has weighed in on this today. If you haven't read Why Meek Should Not Inherit The Earth by Steve Novick, its today's must read.