Monday, October 16, 2006

Minnis 45%, Brading 42%

New polling released yesterday by Amy Simon of Goodwin Simon Victoria Research is verrrrrrry good news for Brading.

The poll was conducted by Simon for FuturePAC Oct 1-5 and shows Karen Minnis at 45% and Rob Brading at 42%.

This is excellent news for Brading and abyssmal news for Minnis. The sitting Speaker of the Oregon House is well under 50%.And she's vastly outspent Brading.

Clearly the Douchebag of Double Dealing Dirt hasn't earned his keep. Apparently buying expensive dirtbags to toss lying slime about the opponent doesn't pay off like it used to.

TJ checked in with Simon to determine the methodology of the polling..and I'll let him speak to the specifics. But suffice it to say that its sound.