Friday, October 13, 2006

The Trib and Outlook give identical endorsement for Minnis

We took the Trib to task the other day for an underwhelmingly goofball endorsement of Karen Minnis for HD 49. In essence, the piece stupefyingly attempts to hornswaggle voters by ignoring virtually every substantial thing that Minnis has done (and not done) in favor of fluff.

So when I'd heard that the Gresham Outlook had also endorsed Minnis, I thought it would be worthwhile to make mention of their own shallow reasons. But I honestly didn't expect them to have the exact same endorsement on their editorial page.

I don't mean the same points. I mean exactly the same. Word for word.

Bob Pamplin publishes both rags. Presumably its Pamplin who wrote this editorial and required its appearance in his periodicals. Does he not trust his editors to write an honest appraisal of the House District 49 race? Perhaps maybe if they did..their opinions might not quite match up with Daddy Warbucks.

Its apparent to me that Pamplin is well entrenched up Minnis' backside, having written a hefty $2000 campaign donation.

Does Minnis have any supporters that actually have ethics?


Update: It would appear that Pamplin gave Minnis more money than I originally thought. The Pamphlin Group also gave her $10K in January.
That must be some bitchin access for that kind of scratch.