Thursday, October 12, 2006

Somebody needs to give Saxton a copy of the Oregon Constitution

Which ever lame assed campaign staffer told Ron Saxton that it was a good idea for him to shove out an ethics plan for the Oregon Legislature should be fired. What an idiot.

Its not the Governor's job (whether it be Ted or Ron) to oversee the Oregon Legislature. Its why we have a separation of powers.

This is basic civics.

Perhaps someone should send Saxton a copy of Article III of the Oregon Constitution. Y'know, that distribution of powers thing?

Maybe someone could sound out the big words for him.

[Update]: I neglected to mention that Democratic House Leader Jeff Merkley has already laid out a proposal for legislative ethics. So has Democratic Challenger Mike Caudle (running against ethically-challenged GOP House Leader Wayne Scott). types. Get it, Ron?

(Hat tip to Russ Kelley in comments)