Tuesday, November 21, 2006

LO Editors Lash Out at Hapless, Unstable Blogging Platform

I said GOD DAMN! What's a brutha (and a sistah) got to do to get reliable blogger service up in here? If not for Carla's amazing ability to fire up the server with some new posts during the apparent 10 minutes Blogger was NOT down, we'd have been totally dark since late last night. Thankfully, the actual blog stays up when the editor module goes kaflooey, but anyone who tried to comment on one of the stories today has been greeted by a big fat error message. I don't know whether Google has put everyone on YouTube integration , but they ought to be flat-out ashamed at the way they've let Blogger go to pot. I use Gmail literally every day I'm near a computer, and not once has service been interrupted. Grrrrrr!

We apologize for these waning days of get-what-you-pay-for bloghosting. We have identified next week as the time to implement platform, host and design changes. We've got the new look, and I think we've come to a likely decision on platform--now we just need to pick a host. We've gotten a couple of good suggestions already; if you haven't told us about your favorite, now's the time.

And if you've got something to say on one of our topics but were thwarted before, at the moment it's safe to pontificate again. We'd love to hear from you--it was getting lonely here, and in a couple hours I was going to go all Michael Richards. Whew!