Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oregon House Speaker Jeff Merkley

Wow..that blog title has a very, very nice ring to it.

In the great blue tidal wave that washed over our nation and our state last evening, two unfortunates weren't knocked in the direction I hoped: Joe Lieberman and Karen Minnis.

Lieberman will caucus with the Dems (though I'm sure the GOP will court him) and even though the Wicked Witch of East County still looks to keep her seat--the title "Minority Leader Wayne Scott" does have a sweet poetic justice.

Rob Brading deserves a huge amount of credit for the House victory. While he was unable to wrest the seat from Minnis--his campaign was the catalyst for much of the passion and work that blue Oregonians put out this season. Not to mention the fact that those assholes who have bought and paid for Minnis did little more than buy themselves a minority state representative. Sweet.

I've got to head out for the time being. More later.