Sunday, November 05, 2006

Spanning the State--3 more days edition

We're in the waning days of the election. Even though Oregon (wisely) has vote by mail, there is still a major push to Tuesday to get those ballots in. Its too late to mail in your ballot--so drop it off.

And with that public service announcement out of the way..let's Span the State!


The city of Ashland is experiencing a fork in its road to finding itself. They're trying to attract high wage business while still maintaining their social conscience.

There's more than one way to participate in netroots. College students around the state are using MySpace and Facebook to organize for their favorite candidate.

Eugene and Springfield are struggling to get their nonEnglish speaking students up to par when it comes to test scores. Unfortunately, we don't learn what other criteria (if any) are used to determine student success.

Beaver baseball finally has its bling.

The Historic Anchor Inn in Lincoln City celebrates their commitment to diversity by flying a rainbow flag on its welcome sign. Recently, vandals have been tearing the flag down and burning it. Owner Kip Ward vows to buy a bigger flag and plans to display it. In the meantime, he's purchased 50 of the smaller rainbow flags and will keep replacing them as needed.

Serious crime reports are are down in Yamhill County.

The Ontario, Oregon paper is tossing its two cents to voters in Idaho: Send Democrat Larry Grant to Congress.