Monday, November 06, 2006


When do you know you've hit the home stretch on an Oregon election? When the Secretary of State's office recommends you no longer put your ballot in the mail, but instead play it safe and put it in a drop box or give it to someone authorized to collect them by hand.

Don't mail it anymore; drop it off. As the SoS warns, postmarks will not count, and any ballots not secure in officials' possession at 8pm on Tuesday will not be tallied.

If you're registered, but don't yet have a ballot or messed yours up, there is still time. From the DPO:
If you didn't get a ballot, and you believe you are registered, you can go to your county elections office and ask for a replacement ballot. They will verify your signature, make any updates to your registration, and usually issue you a ballot on the spot.

If you live in Multnomah or Washington counties (and some others such as Lane*, although I'm not exactly sure of the list), the Democratic Party can get you a ballot. We know that not everyone can make it to county elections between 8 am and 5 pm, so we're here to help. Since we're open all hours now, you can come to our offices in Portland and Beaverton to sign a form, and we will take it to county elections and get a ballot for you. If you can't come to us, we'll send a driver to your home or place of work to get your signature. And, if you can't deliver your own ballot to an authorized drop location in Multnomah or Washington County, we'll pick it up, give you a receipt, and deliver it to county elections.

Please read our FAQs for more information about missing or replacement
ballots. And if you have questions, call the Ballot Center at 503-239-8691.

Where can you go to drop off ballots? So glad you asked. Select your county from the list below, and get the details. How much easier do we have to make it? Take a couple minutes, fill the damn thing out, drop it off, and make your individual political statement. Take pride and participate!
*added as information became available