Monday, November 06, 2006

LO Goes Multimedia Again--In the Same Day

Rarely do we get noticed by the major media, although based on our traffic--even peaking to nearly 1,000 visitors a day as it is now--we probably don't warrant all that much notice. But now and again, when reporters need some OTHER blog besides BlueO to talk to, LO seems to come up, which is cool. Carla hates the tone of pleasant skepticism when talking with the media, I think, but for me it's a fun challenge--so I took the call.

I spent some quality time chatting with Eugene Register-Guard reporter David Steves, and he buried our half-hour conversation into the last three paragraphs of his feature story, but that's fine. He also said I claimed I had no journalism training, which isn't true--at least I never said it. I took high school journo and was an editor on that paper, wrote for the college paper, and have done a lot of freelance writing. I think I said I wasn't a professional journalist, which is true--but it's not like I've never sniffed printer's ink (I've worked as a pressman, too!)

But otherwise he got the right point--anyone can do what Carla and I do, if they want. We're using the tools that the public has, with the help of some friendly insiders to point us in the right direction, and our nose for where stories are. I wish Steves would have printed our discussion about how left-leaning blogs have left right-leaners in the dust from the last election to this one. The right wing blogs are still the same mouthpieces for the RNC that they've always been, but left blogs are busy networking and moving adroitly in activism, to make races in disparate places across the country on seemingly a heartbeat's notice.

Not content to infiltrate the Eugene-Springfield area and points outward, I wanted to spread the good news of change to our brothers in the Northwest, via Seattle's KIRO radio. Our old friend Goldy from Horse's Ass is now firmly ensconced as the Sunday night talk host, and is doing a great job. He got squeezed by a couple long-winded callers on the "should religions be involved in politics" question just before I went on, so our segment was brief, but I laid out what I've already told you is happening in Oregon, up to and in some cases through this weekend. You can hear Goldy's show podcasted for your mobile convenience at this address; scroll down to the bottom.

Spread the good news! and make some yourself. Find something constructive to do that may help one vote get in that wouldn't otherwise have made it.