Sunday, November 12, 2006

Spanning the State--OR GOP Sackcloth And Ashes Edition

The Oregon Republican Party is a multi-cycle loser. Oregonian reporter Jeff Mapes talks to politicos on both sides of the aisle about the problems with the Oregon GOP and how they can possibly recover from such a long string of defeats. Along those lines, its also interesting to read what the folks at Oregon Catalyst think about why they lost.

A controversial memorial to soldiers who've lost their lives in Iraq and Afhganistan was unveiled yesterday on the mall in Salem. LO also discussed this story in August.

The City of Ashland had some ballot count glitches on Tuesday, causing the outcome of some races to be unresolved.

There's been a party going on over in Warrenton at the Community Corrections Transition Center. A former staff member has been indicted (among other things) for providing beer and sex with residents.

Our good friend Chuck Butcher has his blog linked to the Baker City Herald.

Democrats may be dominating Oregon politics, but there are still pockets of Republican control at the state and local level. Deschutes County is one of those pockets. The Source bemoans the lack of a strong Democratic movement in the area and asks how the party can be energized in the region.

Ballot machines in Grant County had some problems. But in the end problems were overcome and ballots were indeed counted.

Sal Peralta may not have won his legislative race for the Oregon House, but he'll be sticking around in an effort to work on his agenda for Oregon government.

The weather is wreaking havoc on Oregon's coastline. In Lincoln City, housing developments at the beach are seeing their backyard completely erode away.

And just in case you didn't get enough of Oregon Republicans pondering their electoral woes, Brad Cain at The Statesman Journal has a writeup posing many of the same points as Mapes.