Monday, December 11, 2006

Handing Bill the bill

Most who keep up with the local criminal element are probably aware of today's O opinion piece that makes mincemeat out of Bill Sizemore.

Just in case you didn't make it to the bottom, here's the money paragraph as far as I'm concerned:

This case also underscores a need for the secretary of state's office to be more aggressive in holding chief petitioners accountable under provisions of Measure 66, which limited paid signature-gathering. Legislators should restore staffing to the office so it can do the investigating it needs to do.

Nobody really gives a rip if Sizemore wants to pretend he's won something and wants to smug mug for the cameras for a day or two. Whoopee. However, the SOS' office needs to grow a pair here and start going after abusers like Sizemore.

But that office can't do this without money. As I understand it, the SOS has perhaps one investigator whose job it is to go after the creeps who work to circumvent the process and disobey the law during the petition process.

The Legislature is all Dem now. Its time for the good guys to put some money into an aggressive investigation team with the SOS office.

Perhaps its time to start getting aggressive in the collections department as well. Sizemore's current manifestation of Oregon Taxpayer's United (which is now called Oregon Taxpayer's UNION) is liable for $2.5 million in judgements against Sizemore. That seems like a nice round number to fund investigators at the SOS office.