Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Immigration: GREAT for Oregon


A South Eugene High School school senior won a $100,000 scholarship at one of the nation's premier high school science competitions on Monday for his research in a new area of mathematics called string topology.

The research conducted by Dmitry Vaintrob, 18, could provide knowledge that mathematicians and physicists might apply to understand electricity, magnetism and gravity, judges at the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology said.

"His work is at the Ph.D. level, publishable and already attracting the attention of researchers," said competition judge Michael Hopkins, a professor of mathematics at Harvard.

But the son of Russian immigrants, both professors at the University of Oregon, doesn't spend all his time on math. He reads classical literature in his spare time and likes to memorize poetry.

I suppose if Vaintrob was a dark skinned lad from south of the border whose parents were illegal immigrants who became U of O profs...this might be controversial, eh?

But its still a great example of how our nation is enriched by immigration.