Sunday, December 03, 2006

Spanning the State--possible ER edition

I'm headed out later today to put up my Christmas lights around the roof line and garage. If you don't hear from me for awhile, its because I've fallen off the roof and have gone to the ER to be put back together again.

But before I head out to risk life and limb just so I'm not the only house in the neighborhood not using a bunch of extra wattage at night, let's Span the State!


The Editorial Board at the News-Register in McMinnville is reminding residents to go the extra mile to reduce greenhouse gases because "The world we leave our children is our responsibility". Well done, Mac-ians.

Doctors in Bend are on the cutting edge of new medicine that may change the way back surgery is done in the US. For individuals suffering with back pain due to degenerating disks, their only alternative has been spinal fusion. But doctors and researchers in Bend are now using a disc replacement device developed by Tennesse company called Medtronic Inc. The procedure is now in the clinical trial phase in Bend.

A city council race in Ashland is still undecided. The race between Medford police officer Greg Lemhouse and farmer/activist Eric Navickas has been plagued by machine counting problems and is now undergoing a hand count in what is being called the closest race in Ashland City Council history. Navickas was certified the winner on November 27 but due to tightness of the race and the counting problems, the hand count will take place.

Gordon Smith has some explaining to do to salmon fishermen who rely on salmon from the Klamath River. $2 million in aid to these fishermen was supposed come through by the end of this year. But the GOP Senate has allowed spending bills to languish and the money isn't forthcoming.

A small group of protestors rallied at Valley River Center Mall in Eugene to speak out against Victorias Secret's practice of sending out massive numbers of catalogs and wasting tons of paper in the process. The group's signage included, "How Many Trees Died For Your Panties?"

A Klamath Falls man is facing felony charges for seriously wounding a Medford man in a hunting accident near Howard Prairie. K-Falls resident Cole Reeves could be the first Oregonian in a decade to be charged with a felony for a hunting accident.

Students at Elgin High School are issuing a challenge to other high schools around the state to beat them in their holiday food drive. The challenge is spearheaded by a new EHS community service club which is seeking to bring nonperishable food items to local churches and food banks throughout the state.