Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Get Your Media Reform On

If the lack of a fairness doctrine puts a burr in your saddle or the consolidation of media gets your panties in a twist, the good folks at Money In Politics Research Action Project have your back.

MiPRAP is sponsoring the Our Democracy Our Media Action Forum.

The Forum is set to take place on Wednesday, December 13 from 7-9PM. They'll be meeting at the American Federation of Musicians Office located at 325 NE 20th Ave in Portland. That's nestled between Sandy and Burnside for you Portlandphiles (yeah, I made that up) out there.

This Forum is an action-oriented time for citizens to bend the FCC's ear on topics such as broadcast tv license renewals, media consolidation and net neutrality.

Laptops are welcome (there's free wi-fi) but not necessary.

If this is an itch you're dying to sratch but you need more info, MiPRAP can be reached at 503-283-1922 or email them: