Sunday, November 26, 2006

Spanning the State: Hot Soup Edition

Things have been kind of quiet here at LO with TJ off galavanting around the South and me indulging in some much needed family time and rest. I did take a few hours yesterday morning to drive into downtown Portland and do some Christmas shopping. Did you know you can buy some pretty decent stuff at The Gap for just a few dollars? The downtown store in Pioneer Place has a good sized selection of clearance merchandise. I managed to buy four nice shirts for my kid for $22. Yay me!

Today I'm planning to make turkey noodle soup with what's left of the Thanksgiving bird. I'll be working on that the rest of the morning. In the meantime, let's Span the State!


While you're still no doubt digesting your Thanksgiving turkey, don't forget to be mindful of those who were here before us. As Renee Roman Nose of OSU reminds us, sometimes we become more full of ourselves than any kind of full we can get from a Thanksgiving meal.

A family from Louisiana who had their lives shattered after Hurricane Katrina is struggling to put the pieces back together while living in Bend.

The Columbia River estuary habitat decline is thought to be a big factor in the decline of salmon and steelhead. But exactly how much of a factor remains unknown due to the vast complexities of that ecosystem. A plan is underway to do a massive study and recovery of the estuary in an effort to save these endangered species.

Earl the pearl is getting some well deserved attention for his efforts to make America blue.

A Klamath Falls woman has transformed her life and herself (with a little help from Tyra Banks) after years of abusing meth.

You know you're living in a small town when the local paper trumpets the 387 new residents as a population boom to your region.

Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney says the corporate kicker is destined for a state rainy day fund and the corporate minimum tax is now fully on the table.