Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The big kids speculate on Gordon Smith

We here at LO are a pretty small fish in a verrrrry small pond of Oregon blogging. So when the very big fish discuss our Senator (with an understanding of what we're up against in defeating him), its worth noting:

These are states that look tough in the early going. Collins is one of the nation's most popular senators, while Smith benefits from a perception of moderation and a non-aggression pact with Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, also of Oregon. Texas hasn't looked so hot for Dems in recent years, and if we're talking about Henry Cuellar (CfL), then we're in real trouble.

The original impetus for Kos' look at this came from Hotline.

I'm not convinced that a change of course by Wyden to go after Smith would injure Smith enough to make a difference. The real problem is the "moderate" meme, not inconsequentially shoved in our faces by the Oregonian.

(Thanks to Bill Nothstine for the head's up)