Monday, November 27, 2006

Did LO spur Hotline's senate call to Westlund?

Last week, the folks at National Journal's Hotline speculated about 08 Senate races for Oregon, Idaho and Texas. Oregon was mentioned thusly:

OREGON: Ben There, Going To Do That?

When asked via e-mail, '06 GOV candidate/state Sen. Ben Westlund (I) political adviser Stacey Dycus writes: "Democrats have been asking Ben to run against" Sen. Gordon Smith (R), "but he really hasn't considered it. People have also asked him about" Treas. and re-election to state Senate. "Right now, he's not thinking about his next election, he's thinking about a well-deserved vacation and the next session. ... He is an independent and all I can tell you is that his heart and mind is closer to the views held by Democrats, but he has no plans to change registration. If asked, he may caucus with the D's this session"

An OR Dem source reports general optimism about '08, given Smith will up in a presidential year. Ex-Gov. John Kitzhaber (D), as always, is the "lion in waiting." Other attractive candidates would be Clatsop Co. DA Josh Maquis (D), Educ. Sup't Susan Castillo (D), and Treas. Randall Edwards (D) (Hotline reporting, 11/21).

Hotline's musings came on the heels of our own speculation about Westlund's possible run against sitting GOP Senator Gordon Smith.

Westlund's advisor Stacey Dycus emailed us this morning with this little gem:

You should know this hotline blurb came because they saw your post Will Westlund make the leap and contacted me within 2 hours for comment

We've emailed Hotline to confirm Stacey's claim. No word yet.

Its probably not a big deal to anyone else. But I think its cool that National Journal may have contacted Westlund because we suggested he might consider running.

Yay us.