Sunday, December 17, 2006

Spanning the State--Storm recovery edition

Residents of western Oregon are still in a post-storm hangover after Thursday's mega wind storm. Take a moment to click on the links below that survey damage from around the region:

Astoria Gold Hill Coos Bay Gold Beach Gresham Hood River Keizer McMinnville Portland Metro area (click on "Northwest Storm")

So with that glance at that train wreck, let's Span the State!


As with most other counties in Oregon, Tillamook County is suffering under the weight of a raft of Measure 37 claims. County Community Development Director Bill Campbell notes that the claims may start a series of third party lawsuits against the county and the state for the lack of enforcement of land-use regulations.

The Marion County Assessor's Office has been a tangled mess. A lot of time, money and angst has apparently been spent trying to clean up that office--and its seems as if they're making little headway.

An anti-choice group is advertising in several newspapers from Portland high schools.

The King of Tires in the Pacific Northwest is moving its corporate headquarters from Prineville to Bend.

The daughter-in-law of newly minted State Rep Jean Cowan (D-Newport) has been appointed to fill the recent vacancy in the Lincoln County School Board. Jana Cowan will serve in the position recently held by Billie Jo Smith, who resigned. Cowan's appointment runs until June 30, 2007.

An autistic woman from Yamhill County has learned how to live with her affliction and create a life for herself thanks to the skills she learned as a public school student in McMinnville.

This is just plain cool.