Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A tempting invitation

Having the morning off of work has afforded me the opportunity to surf around the local blogosphere a bit. In my internets tubes travels, I stumbled across this juicy little invitation:

The most important document in the history of humanity was signed on December 15th in 1791. For the first time, people had a guaranteed protection of their inalienable rights.

Come join us for an incredible celebration! We know this is the busiest season of the year but take a few hours out and gather with other patriots to commemorate and celebrate our unique heritage and great good fortune. This is a FREE event!

Friday, Dec. 15th
"The Bomber Restaurant"
Milwaukie, OR
13515 SE McLoughlin Blvd (In the "Wings of Freedom Museum" which is the red building on the right just behind the Weeping Willow tree)

This particular social event is apparently aimed at attracting conservatives, I'm sure. It was posted at Oregon Catalyst. But as a student of history and the US Constitution, I'd enjoy the hell out of attending.

Alas, I have plans for this window of time on Friday night. So I won't be available.

Perhaps there's another passionate progressive US history/Constitution buff who'd like to show up and take notes for me?