Monday, December 11, 2006

Westlund Switches to Democrats in Senate

Well that's a bit of a surprise. I've just been told by Deschutes Democrats leader Phil Philben that Ben Westlund has changed his Oregon registration to Democratic. He heard of it first via the Bend Bulletin, so if they had a faster turnaround on their news they'd be telling you this and I'd be linking to them instead of spilling the beans tonight instead of tomorrow. (Asked by the scribe for a reaction to the news, Philben: "Terrific.")

Westlund himself confirmed the news to Philben a short time ago, but those are the only details he left us with this evening. I'd like to hear more (and we've asked for Ben's ear in short order) before trying to figure out any significance, but initially, I have to say that was a quick transition from honest Republican to maverick independent to Democratic loyalist. We'll see what the morning brings. It was already slated to be a busy day tomorrow, with hints of at least two other notable stories...