Thursday, January 04, 2007

In which karma is probably going to bite us in the ass

I really hate the fact that Defazio isn't going to run against Gordon Smith.

I hate it for the obvious reasons: he'd run a great race, he'd be a fantastic senator and I'd have tons of great stuff to write about.

But I also hate it because Kitzhaber, Blumenauer and Westlund aren't going to do it either. None have formally said so..but take my word for it. It ain't happening.

Randall Edwards is a possibility--but I'm not in his loop yet and I haven't heard anything about his fundraising prowess (or lack thereof) or his ability to run a tough campaign. Or whether or not he's even interested.

What I am hearing are quiet noises about Congressman David Wu (OR-1) wanting the job.

Wu can definitely raise the cash. The guy is a fundraising machine. He's also been through several very tough races and knows how to run a hardball campaign.

But alas, we have spent significant pixels laying the smack on Wu and his staff, which means if he does run we're going to have to do some sucking up to get access.

Or maybe they'll just recognize the genius of our little efforts here and open the door

Jeez...we are so screwed.