Monday, January 08, 2007

New OR House Rules throw GOP for a loop

The Oregon House under Democratic Speaker Jeff Merkley hammered out a series of new House Rules today beginning with a travel and gift ban for legislators.

The ban states that House members may not accept gifts whose value exceeds $10.

Republicans in the House complained during the process that a $10 limit would be too difficult for legislators to track, specifically from Representative Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point). The Republicans proposed an amendment to the rules that would have created a $0 ban.

Tom Butler(R-Ontario) seemed especially pleased with the amendment proposal stating, "I'm an accountant. I know how to get to zero."

One wonders how long it takes Rep. Butler to get his shoes off in order to get to ten. Perhaps there's a legislative aide to assist with such things.

Eventually the $0 amendment failed. As I understand it, the $10 limit was then voted on and passed, with John Lim (R-Gresham) voting against it.

I guess John doesn't have anyone to help him with his shoes.