Sunday, January 07, 2007

Spanning the State--Sports Afterglow Edition

If you're a Pacific Northwest sports fan, yesterday probably represented a little taste of Nirvana.

Saturday was a trifecta of sports win deliciousness. The Oregon Ducks stunned #1 ranked UCLA in Eugene. The Seattle Seahawks pulled off a victory after a wild game against the Dallas Cowboys (featuring some great plays by the much maligned Seahawk receiver Jerramy Stevens).

The Portland Traiblazers pulled out of a four game swoon to defeat the Sacramento Kings 110-105 in overtime. Maybe all that grousing Nate McMillan did this week made a difference.

And now that we've basked in the glow of our collective sports victories, its time to Span the State!


An Albany family got a reprieve from the immigration board of appeals saying that husband and father Fabian Ruiz is eligible to stay in the country. An immigration judge ruled in 2005 that Ruiz should be deported for taking a brief trip to Mexico in 1998. That ruling was effectively overturned, giving Ruiz an opportunity to re-file his paperwork to be a full and legal US resident.

The Oregon Legislature is taking a dry-run at at annual sessions. The Legislature currently meets biannually but a consensus of lawmakers appears to be moving toward an annual session. Annual sessions are among the top recommendations from a 2005 public commission which reviewed Legislative effectiveness. The panel noted that annual sessions would allow the state to better deal with the state budget and other legislative issues.

The Bend Source has a profile of new Deschutes County Democratic Party Chair Paul Motta.

Wallowa County may lose its $900,000 safety net of federal road funds because of the refusal of the Republican Congress in DC to deal with the budgetary issues at the end of 2006. Curry County is in trouble too for the same reason.

Hermiston is celebrating native son Jared Zabransky. Last week, Jared led the fighting Broncos to victory at the Fiesta Bowl.

The more rural regions of Oregon are bracing for the possibility that their voice will be tough to hear over the din of representation from Oregon's more populous western legislators.

A fairly serious and possibly expensive spat is brewing between the City of McMinnville and its former Police Chief Wayne McFarlin. McFarlin maintains he was wrongly coerced into signing a termination agreement and is sueing. The City says McFarlin is in violation of his signed agreement because of the suit.