Thursday, February 22, 2007

Victoria Taft:Poster chick for the IQ challenged

As a part of her crusade to prove to Portlanders that it takes very little brain power to be a rightwing talk show host, KPAM radio host Victoria Taft has decided to pull some stuff out of her ass to give her listeners something to cluck about:

Why are they sending emails on school time, to school employees and activists, to go to a fundraising event for a POLITICAL GROUP?

[] On Behalf
Of PPS ppscomms
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 6:01 PM
Subject: [Key-communicators-list] Monday Rally for schools attracts
1,000+ from Portland, 6 School Board members

According to Taft, this email header is proof positive that Portland Public Schools is sending out emails to get their employees to attend a rally in support of fundraiser for a political group (Stand For Children, presumably).

Firstly, the subject line looks an awful lot like a headline of a write-up about an event that's ALREADY TAKEN PLACE. Its evident that someone was drafting an email about the event to be sent out after it was over. Its an email meant to tell people that a bunch of their colleagues went (past tense) to Salem. It makes no sense to use the word "attends" or give numbers of attendees unless you're talking about an event that's already occurred.

Second, where's the actual text of the email? Taft is accusing a school district employee of an illegal act. Providing actual evidence of the illegal act made in the accusation certainly seems necessary in order for this to have any meaning whatsoever. But when asked to post the content of the email, Taft refuses.

Down in the comments to the post, Taft admits she has the content of the email and even characterizes it:

I have the content of the email. It was sent in advance of the rally. It was an announcement about how successful this rally was going to be. No mystery. Nice try on trying to question the veracity of it. The issue was that it was sent by the teachers/school district. Guess what? Randy Leonard voice: Not. My. Job.

Not your job to report the facts in their entirety, Victoria? I can't believe Fox News didn't snatch you up for "Fox and Friends" ages ago.

The issue is clearly NOT that this was a PPS sent email. The issue is the content. No content, no valid accusations.

So let's see the actual content of the email, Victoria. The only way to find out if PPS was trying to get people to show up to this rally (as you claimed in the first paragraph of your post) is to see what the email said.

Otherwise, you're just Lars Larson with a dye job and heels....and exponentially worse ratings.

(via email from r_equals_bs--who tried over at Taft's blog to get her to post the content of the email)