Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grannies who block military recruiting head to court

The rocking chair wielding grannies who blocked a military recruiting office are having their day in court. I'm presuming its these grannies in particular, but the IndyMedia site isn't specific.

Interestingly while searching for news stories on these grannies, I came across this commentary by Aaron at Metroblogging Portland:

Do the protesters seriously believe that the recruits don't understand they are putting themselves in harm's way by joining the military? Do they honestly feel that they are offering information that nobody has heard? John Kerry claimed his comment about "you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq" was just a botched joke... but it plays right along with the message the protesters are sending...

Do the protesters really feel the recruits are too stupid to know what they're doing?

With all due diligence to the stupidity of Kerry's joke remark, I'm surprised at how Aaron so obviously missed the mark on this protest.

I'm not one of the grannies and I can't presume to speak for them, but it seems obvious to me that they're not hanging out at this place because they think potential recruits are stupid or that they're working overtime to insult members of the military.

Those women are protesting because military recruiters have been found to conduct widespread lying about what the recruits are in for and going so far as to get potential recruits to commit illegal acts in an effort to meet recruiting goals. The military is not an honest broker when it comes to signing these people up for service. Especially in the wake of revelations about the stop-loss program.

This isn't really that tough to figure out. These women are conducting civil disobedience in the face of a government that's lying to people--people who are potentially signing their lives away.

They should be heralded for their efforts rather than subjected to silly rhetoric like that which Aaron posted.