Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dorchester's hangover

These sunny days have made it a lot easier to recover from my Dorchester experience. All this good Vitamin D from the rays have kept my spirits up. It also doesn't hurt that OPB radio reported last night that the Dorchester Denizens have decided they're best shot for taking Oregon Secretary of State is State Senator Jason Atkinson (R-Central Point). No link, unfortunately.

Atkinson's foray into that race would be a boon for a blogger like me. Atkinson HATES the media--so his campaign efforts are a potential circus of media confrontation. So many juicy blogging opportunities could be borne out of an Atkinson for SOS campaign--I'm practically twitterpated with anticipation! So..um..RUN JASON RUN!

On Sunday I promised to post some pictures from the weekend's festivities. That effort has been somewhat hampered by the "Dorchester Board" who fired off a curt email to me today, reminding me that no unauthorized photos were to be taken from the Convention Hall. I didn't take any photos in the main hall, knowing that this was forbidden. But I did take a few pictures in the Exhibit Hall, under the impression that this was allowable. I've asked the Board via email if I might post one of the Exhibit Hall photos that I took of Jason Williams (with his permission) but haven't heard back. So I'm sequestering my photos until the uptightness that is the Dorchester Board gets the collective stick out of their ass and replies.