Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dorchester Dispatch: Saturday AM

Delegates are beginning to gather in the main hall of the Convention Center for various topic sessions on education and Measure 37. So with this lull I'll give a quick rundown of my experience last evening after the Smith Town Hall mtg broke up.

Dorchester isn't just a meeting. Its a series of parties and meal-oriented gatherings for these folks. Following the Smith event, I walked across the street to a party given by Senators Jason Atkinson and Bruce Starr. I sat back and observed for the most part.

One conversation in particular involved a discussion about how the Republicans will get absolutely no credit in the press for compromising on the corporate kicker/Rainy Day Fund, and the Democrats NEVER compromise on anything and it only gets Republicans more bad press.

I also had a nice chat with Mike Riley of Riley Research. Riley originally thought I was regular press and I think was wanting to make sure that media discuss the Riley polls. But he seemed intrigued by the whole blogging thing.

I think I may have scandalized Jason Atkinson last evening by sipping a beer in the back of the Hall whilst blogging--(FYI: I sipped on that same beer for the entire town hall--which was about 90 minutes).

This morning as I got set up, one of the organizers stopped by to warn me not to quote delegates on the blog without letting them know who I am. Which is frankly annoying as hell--because I wanted to be considered PRESS for this event and would have worn a big orange press ribbon on my name badge. But nooooo...they made me pay the regular fee to attend this thing as a delegate and now they're uncomfortable with the fact that I'm sitting here inside writing about it.

Ethically, I would never consider quoting someone directly if they said something here to me without knowing that I'm possibly going to blog what they say. But still--if these organizers wouldn't have screwed me over--I'd certainly be more amiable.