Friday, March 02, 2007

Okay...Republicans drop the "F" bomb

Wayne Scott is up. He's about to introduce the GOP legislative caucus who appear,for the most part, to be here.

But first, we have to endure his babble about how Democrats will soon lose their grip on power in Oregon because all us libruls are big bad tax raising, tree hugging bad guys who want to turn Oregon into the new USSR.

The tech guys from KXL are here looking over my shoulder and laughing whilst I blog.

Kevin Hennings from Beaverton is badmouthing the College Republicans to me: They're a bunch of "fucking morons" (and you thought my language was colorful..right?). They honestly believe that they are solely responsible for whatever happens in elections. If someone is elected its because they worked hard. If someone loses is because they didn't work hard enough.

And worst of all, they don't understand that Dorchester is not prom. They want it to be..but dammit, it's just not!

(I will attest to the fact that the College Republicans are here in force...waaaaaay more dressed up than the rest of the crowd)