Saturday, March 03, 2007

Walden goes for the red meat

Congressman Greg Walden is presently giving his remarks to an adoring crowd--yukking it up--using a joke best reserved for McCain.."..dangerous to put yourself between him and a camera.." only in reference to Ron Wyden. Silly, but red meat for this group. The rest of this post is my take on Walden's speech......

Reauthorize the county payments act. Government owes us this money and dammit--we have to hold the gubmint accountable--cuz its all about small gubmint except when we want our share of the pie.

And we should cut down our forests to do it, by gum!

Teddy Roosevelt set all this land aside and took all that federal land so we could build homes on it, says Greg. (Yes, he really said this) Somebody should probably explain to Walden the nature of theLand Revision Act of 1891 where Roosevelt specifically set aside national forestland for the purposes of PRESERVING THE NATURAL RESOURCES.

We have to manage the forests so that there won't be such bad fires polluting our air. No mention of chainsaws, log trucks and other logging equipment that foul the air and use up fossil fuels and leave a mess in their wake.

Reform the Endangered Species Act! The water never would have been turned off in the Klamath Basin if only those pesky salmon hadn't been in the way--we should have had a second opinion on these issues based on sound science that's bought and paid for by wholly owned corporate subsidiaries of the GOP! (woo-hoo!)

We have to do stuff for alternative energy based on the market approach. Those mean Democrats are punishing those corporations that are successfully making sure that renewable energy makes it way to the market as slowly as possible. Go GOP!

And we Republicans would drive down the costs of healthcare by making it market based--just look at Medicare Part D. The elderly now have affordable health care because of us!

We've also worked hard to help veterans..but clearly we have a lot of work to do based on recent reports (gee Greg, ya think?)

And Iraq--how can I scare you the most? Shall I talk about the beheading of journalists and the blowing up of our cities? First of all--Congress has no business conducting oversight of war. It should be completely up to the President to decide how much money should go toward Iraq--Congress should mind its own damn business! Congress is nothing more than a bunch of second-guessers.

And our troops don't need to be told that they're participating in a "lost cause". We're sending mixed messages to our troops and they'll be demoralized (cuz our troops are too stupid to understand that our country is supposed to embrace dissent).

Iran and other nations are supplying Iraq insurgency with weapons and no Dems are really addressing this (I see Linda Flores giving a silent cheer).

The Egyptian Ambassador told Walden that we didn't listen to them when we went in--they told us that it was going to be a mess. And now that we've broken Iraq--we have to fix it. So even though we don't do what other countries tell us to do--cuz we're the big bad cocks of the walk--we should do it this time.

The Oregon Democrats are a bunch of arrogant, preening, overconfident liberals have overestimated their popularity and are ripe for a smack down. Republicans are about to come roaring back. Recent GOP losses are simply about a mid-term war time election or because some of our guy's were naughty.

The GOP have three advantages:

*Better ideas and common sense philosophies--all the Democrats do is attack and completely lack substance

*GOP know how to campaign better and smarter--independents love us more

*GOP win when we work harder than our opponents--we don't outsource our campaigns and all of our stuff is grassroots and volunteering.


Reelect Gordon Smith
Take back Oregon House
Win the Guv's race (Scuttle here is that Walden may run)
Set the table to win back the OR Senate by 2012
Win Secretary of State